How to
Take Care of Your Dog

Please note that this list is not fully applicable with all dogs or pets. All dogs are living creatures with differing personailities and should be treated as individuals. If this list does not work for you that is okay and is to be expected taking time to get to know your dog and love them unconditionally.

Feed them

Obviously, this should not even be something that needs be reminded.

Make sure their
water is clean

It is important to keep an eye on your dog's water it can get dirty throughout the day. Make sure to refill the water when needed and keep it clean. Needless to say puddles are not the cleanest source of water.

Walk them reguarlly

Excersie is important for your dogs, and walking them is one of the best and easiest ways of doing it.

Keep an active
social life

Dogs are extremely social creatures most likely do to thier long history with humans. It is highly advised that your dogs meets other people and animals so that they learn to interact, become friendlier and most of all just like people social activity is good for the mind.

Let them play

Most dogs are very active and a great way to excert energy and show you love them is to play with them. Toys are not required, whether it be fetch with a stick, or chasing you down the yard. Also, get other dogs involved if you can.

Make sure they get
plenty of sleep

This is something that should happen without any input on your part. Although it is important to keep an eye on your dog if your dog dosent seem to be getting a good amount of sleep. If this occurs contact a veterinarian immediately.

Keep their teeth clean

Hygiene is important even for dogs, keep an eye out for plaque build up and brush teeth periodically.

Let them explore
"within reason"

Dogs love to wander around and discover new smells.

Age is but a number

Whether you get them from day one or as a rescue, they will forever be a part of your family. Every dog needs a home no matter the age or situation, keep these guys in mind and if ever looking for a dog always check out local humane societies and pounds, your next best friend is their needing your love.

Love them

No matter what you follow on this list this is by far the most important as it encompasses all part before and any unlisted. If you love your dog you see them as family and want the best for them. Meaning you'll take care of them and provide a loving home. They're not a pet, they're a gift.